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Default Re: Rise and Shine's Sunday

Good morning everyone,

Sue my utmost compliments on what you are doing. GOOD JOB ! Just don't overdo it.

My nap, yesterday, turned into 18 hours of sleep. My daughter came over at 2:00 PM and saw me conked out so she let me sleep and went and saw Betty. Betty is doing much better and will be home later this morning. They just wanted to watch her and make sure she didn't get any worse and the swelling in her throat went down. I guess she still looks like lizard woman but the itching is better. She will be on steroids, benadryl and Zantac for a few days. I guess Zantac helps with allergies and itching. I'll have to put that in my limited memory box.

I awoke at 2:30 this morning to the sounds of crashing followed by a number of expletives. My son had crawled upstairs with his mini-cooler to get more ice and ice tea and ended up spilling the cooler and ice on the floor. I told him he was supposed to call me if he needed something but he didn't want to wake me. I got him back to bed, got his "stuff" for him and cleaned up the ice. He meets the surgeon tomorrow and will get his surgery scheduled. Good.

I hope everyone has a fun day planned and gets plenty of rest to tackle the upcoming week.

Take care,

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