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We did the Tequila Factory Tour in Puerto Vallarta. We had a blast. Our group of 36 took over the whole bus. It stops in two "factorys" and samples are plentiful. Make sure you buy a margarita at the second stop. They are real fruity and come in a great clay cup.

I also did Randi's Happy Horses in Mazatlan. We were sitting drinking our servesas waiting for our food at the end of the ride, when an older gentleman walked up to Victors carrying a great big fish. Voila, fresh fish for lunch! Boy, was it great!!!!!

In Cabo it was cold, so we just found a great little ocean side restaurant called the Amazon. We sat and has margaritas and food and just enjoyed the heck out of a cool cloudy day.

All I can say is just make sure you get out and do something.

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