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Default I jinxed myself (sort of!!!)

Ok, So I posted a few day ago boasting how excited I am getting about our upcoming cruise. We have been super busy, moving, job changes, etc. so the cruise excitement had been put on back burner.

So, I was checking my e-tickets today (tell me I'm not the only one who stares dreamily at the computer screen at them) and I notice a statement in bright red above the details which states "There have been changes made to your itinerary, please contact XX reservations at blah blah blah", my afternoon flight leaving San Juan after the cruise was changed to an 8:20 a.m. flight. Yikes!!! No way possible would I ever be off the ship and to the airport for that time. I called customer service and after pressing 0, star, and speaking to several "automated representatives" (just how do they do that anyway?" I speak to a live human being. After a few more mis-understandings, I get our flight switched to later in the afternoon. Whew---------------
I was definetly sweating it out there.

The great news is that we were using frequent flyer miles, so we had a pretty bad flight to JFK from San Juan (it was San Juan to St. Thomas on an island hopper, then to JFK), we now have a direct flight from SJU to JFK on a nice, big, quiet jet plane.


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