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Default Re: Washing dishes with a cat

How about - why making your cat unhappy is NOT good:

Travel to strange new place with cat
Cat does not like strange new place
Cat HOWLS for hours
You cannot sleep
Lock cat in bathroom (at least it muffles the howls)
Feel sorry for cat (you fool!) - place litter and water bowl in bathroom
More howling
Awoken by crash in bathroom
Cat has spilled water and covered himself with it and then hidden in the litter pan
Clumping litter has solidified into concrete on cat's paws and tail
Force struggling cat to stand in warm water in the sink to loosen litter
Spend one hour (in the middle of the night) picking litter clumps off cat
Clean bathroom
Try to sleep
Spend next 2 days (until cat has bm) worrying if cat has swallowed clumped kitty litter which is now creating an expensive intestinal blockage
Decide never to leave home with cat again
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