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Default Re: USAir Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Not to worry is certainly not good advice. I have the dubious pleasure of working with the above airlines and can safely say that AC are in BIG trouble and one of the major US carriers will disappear within the next five or so years. The reason for this is that, AC operate too many aircraft types, they need to go all airbus or boeing(also true of all US carriers as well) - this will cut down on many costs- they also need to stop offering so many frequent flyer programmes, they are all aeroplan, but 19 different types and levels(!!!) is ridiculous. We have three and are now cost saving by processing applications on line and not sending cards out until 3000miles have been flown. Why spend money on something that may never be used?
AC also do not have the aircraft to operate as they used too, i know as my airline took over one long haul route, they have to focus on high yield routes more. Also streamline the inflight service consistently, not be so hit and miss. If pax know what to expect they will make a more informed choice, this is also very true of the US carriers, a meal here, no meal there. Free drinks, pay for drinks?!?!?
My personal opinion on US is that they will disappear into another guise, ie: TWA and AA. i think eventually they will possibly end up being US/United. Another great way of making money is to train your staff well. If you offer good service then you become a more attractive choice than your competitors. Passengers want good service and a couple of free drinks, soft or alcoholic, they do not want a misery and having to part with their hard earned cash for a can of sprite. Especially not on long flights!!
The airline industry has changed for ever, we cannot go back to pre 9/11, t is just not going to happen. Until the managers start seeing this, and not their final salary pensions, there will be trouble ahead. I am pleased to report that long haul loads are now back to pre 9/11 loads. Hooray!!
i am sorry for the rant, but this is my line of work (i must be mad) and wanted to give my honest opinion.

What do you mean this isn't how they eat onboard?

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