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Default Re: Flu Shots

Last week, after reading all the news reports, I began a search for our shots. Called my Family Doctor. He did not have them and did not expect to get any. Heard about shots being giving at local Publix stores. Called my local store. Yes we had them Yesterday. When will you get more? Oct 29 maybe. So where can I get them now? Call the other Publix stores to check them out? So I did call. Called about a dozen. Finally I found out that one about 12 miles from us had them and would start shooting about 3-7PM. We High tailed down there geting there before 3PM. Found the store and there was a big bunch of people lined up outside. Gosh what the heck is going on, I said. We parked and headed over to the line. Someone said you had to get a number. Where? Over there somewhere they said. Helen, "you stay in line and I will go seek out the number giver. Found him/her. Our number was B52-53. They said they will have about 300 shots. So we were number 152 and 153. SO WE WAITED. After 3 1/2 later our number was called. We did get out shots and thank goodness thats over. They wanted to give us pneumonia shots. We told them we had already been shot for that. After 65 it is suppose to last for the rest of your life. So they scratched that off the Medicare form.


Hope this don't happen next year.

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