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I got my shot before there was anything said about a shortage -- and I do feel guilty that I got it--I work at Costco and it was free to employees----- so I took advantage of that--- I've gotten a flu shot for the last 10-12 years. We had several flu clinics at my building-- before the shortage and then one right after the big annoucement----- the line was so long way before we opened---made the news---The last one was set for yesterday but it was canceled----- no vacine---------
I'm glad my mom got her's-- same day that the big announcement was made that there was a shortage
My father in law--- got his--- his doctor gave him his shot before he even knew what he was doing---- he has cancer and other health issues
Last but not least my husbands great grandma got her at Costco---- not my store-- but she too waited-- got there at 11:30 for a 3:00 start time and she was 96 in line-- thank goodness when 3:00 came around a nurse went though the line and asked if there was anyone over 90--- she said yes-- she is 94 1/2-- and got to go to the front--
Jennifer I hope you will find a place to get a shot---
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