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Default Re: New York Trip.....more reasons to love cruising!

Too funny, Mary Margaret!!! :-) I loved New York but it certainly was busy!!!

I love cities, I live north of Chicago and take the train in when my sister visits (or others)!
But . . . . give me a cruise anytime!

I've always had a great time in London, too, I enjoyed Rome, Florence, Siena and Pisa were really amazing but I really prefer cruises!

On my recent trip to Italy, Diane told me "this isn't a cruise" when I said how much driving, sitting, was involved, way too much back and forth and car time for me!!! :-)

Of course, our rental place was way out in the countryside so every time we went out it was up the gravel driveway, out the hilly blacktop, every day for 13 days, that wore on me!!! I thoroughly enjoyed Italy but would not do that type of rental again, give me a town location any day!

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