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Big Craig
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Default Re: Do Fat People Cruise?

Thank You Everyone,
I know the shower stalls are small, we have been on a couple of cruises and I put some towels down and tidy up when I am done, so its not too bad, on one cruise the comode was like at an angle to the sink and shower and I had to temporarily remove the tp holder, we are going on the Tiumph Dec 11 2004 and getting a balcony deck 6 upper cabin and in the pictures it looks like the commode is placed aquare on the wall so that may not be too much of an issue.
Last week we were chatting with a couple from Ohio going on our sailing and it sounded like we were going to have cruise friends untill we told them about our weight issue, there loss because we ARE going to have fun as we always do, there are many that do not judge appearance but there are a lot more that do, we are used to it and it will not spoil our hard earned vacation.
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