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Default Re: Too cool for the lifeboat drill?

We skipped it once.It wasn't on purpose, we had flown 13 hrs to get in the night before and we were beat! We fell asleep , outside on a louge chair by the aft pool. , no one came and got us or even woke us up, we were surprised when the ship started moving and we saw people walking around and carrying their life jackets. That's when we found out we had missed it!. We did know where the life jackets were, they are in plain sight in our closet. We also didn't need to know which lifeboat to go in as on Princess your " muster " stations are an assigned lounge.and you go to them not to a boat. We found out which lounge we were assigned. End of story.

I seriously doubt that we would be the ones screaming from the ship as the life boats pull away. That would be the drunks that we see on EVERY cruise.
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