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Default Re: Too cool for the lifeboat drill?

I consider Muster a gloriously indisepensible part of cruising. It's the preliminary ceremony of sail away, and that alone makes it exciting. In addition, it's like a costume party where participnats dress exactly the same, look ridiculous, and move to the accompaniment of klaxons and bells. It's confirmation that you're on a ship, not at a mere hotel.

I just can't imagine how drinking is more fun than that.

I think it has a kind of psychological benefit as well. On our last cruise, since the ship was late into and out of home port, muster wasn't held until 15 hours after sailing. Up until that point, cruise routines seemed stressed, rushed and/or out of sequence. Things seemed much more relaxed thereafter.

I may dwell on the land, but I live at sea!


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