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Default Re: Who would you like to sit next to?

"Robert, again, I think you misunderstand. The reason I pointed out that Jesus talks to many people as I am one that thinks he speaks to me."

And that thought made you <G>? Or was that a smirk?

If you will "not get into a political or religious debate as it is a futile excersise", why is it religion and politics less futile than any debate? ( And you're sure not shy about debating.)

("Yes Robert I think you are. People do make mistakes in life but it is what they do after that matters. In addition, all of your choices would be either boring or profane as three are dead.")

1) Smarmily debating my status. 2) Debating people's actions. 3) Debating my choices for seatmates.

Yeah, you sure do hate debating.

It seems to me you hide behind bites like "futile debate" to mask your own aggression.

Very Big Eyeroll,

robert in georgia
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