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Default Re: Have a wedding horror story?

As a former Wedding Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies, I've seen some really good ones.

My top stories:
- Power Failures (run & get a generator and some lamps!!!!)
- Party crashers (it was open bar)
- Fights Fights & Fights
- Wedding of "Nationality A" and "Nationality B". You could bite the tension at that one.
- Food poisoning (myself included, luckily I "cleared my system" and was all right)
- Gift Envelopes stolen
- The DJ getiing hit on (and being kissed on the lips) by the new bride. Truth. Yes it is true.
- The Bride fell into the swimming pool (knocked in by the children playing)
and one "left at the altar" situation.

This does not include bounced payment cheques, the couple leaving for their honeymoon without paying anybody, and the old "there's not enough cash in the gift envelopes to pay you in full" line.

I've seen brides flipping out over everything, from a (slight) colour mismatch between the decor and the bridesmaid dresses, to making their guests wait four hours while photos were taken over and over again until they were "just right". I've been told instructions by the bride, only to be countermanded with exactly contrary instructions by the mother of the groom. I had to go with the latter, since (oddly enough) she was the one paying me, but the ensuing scene was VERY UGLY.

And people are supposed to be on their best behaviour at weddings???


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