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Default foot surgery update- cruise cancelled!

Hi All!

I haven't been able to check in because of my foot surgery and broken arm. The surgery was a success (although it took 4.5 hours!) and I now have what seems like an entire erector set inside and ouside of my foot. There are three skewer like prongs sticking out of my foot through the other metal scaffolding. This has been a very painful and frustrating experience. My foot surgeon is quite young and looks to be about 12 years old, eventhough he is amazingly talented and skilled.

Needless to say we cancelled our Xmas cruise which would have begun today. Our friends we were planning on visiting in Fla. post cruise are bummed too..

So far the highlight of this holiday season is that the Physical therapist taught me how to hobble up and down the stairs. Our computer is upstairs and until Thursday I was confined to a hospital bed downstairs.

I can now sleep in a real bed with my partner in life, David and our wonderful dachshund, "Knock- Knock."

All is not bad!

Happy Holidays! Chuck
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