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Default Re: Carnival Price Reduction!!!!!!

You need to call carnival and have them go over your booking with you and ask them if you missed any promotions or price drops. Once you find out that answer if you have a TA you need to call them to make it happen. The promotion that started this, I found out was a Michigan residents promotion. I'm sure they probably have one going for each state.? The best thing to do is call them your self so you know. Also get on there e-mail list. When a promotion comes out you'll be the first to know. I've been in contact with Angie282 and She keeps checking and her cruise keeps dropping and she's getting the deals. Just this week I believe she saved $240.00pp. It pays to keep on top of it!
Sense I booked our cruise last November we have saved about $380.00pp and we booked our own air, (which cruise air was $459.00pp) for $282.00pp and we go down a day early on Saturday. We also booked a room on at the Radisson in Downtown Miami for $35.00. We had a room booked at the Holiday Inn before we went to Priceline for $108.00. It takes some time to find and get the deals but in the end it is well worth it!


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