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Default The Ways Of The Sea

I am not sure if I really like this one, but the sea can be both cruel and wonderful.

The Ways Of The Sea

The tidal waves
Caused men to flee,
Then shake their fists
And curse the sea.

The acting force,
A giant quake,
That caused the ocean
Bed to shake.

And oceans spawn
Great hurricanes
With crushing winds
And massive rains.

But blaiming seas
Just isn't fair.
They're caused by
Pressures of the air.

There is a fact
All men must know.
The ocean is
More friend than foe.

Its winds bring rain
To grow our food.
Its calming waves
Delight our mood.

It's filled with
Myriad kinds of fish.
A bounty that
All men could wish.

It gave our life
And commerce birth,
The superhighway
Of the earth.

And just for like minded people,

And should we have
The chance to choose,
There's nothing better
Than a cruise.

Paul B

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