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Default Re: HOLY COW! Has anyone bought a new mattress lately?

My little Yorkies have the best disposition too. I have raised three litters and believe me it is hard to let them go. I always make sure they go to good homes and have turned people down because I didn't feel comfortable about them getting one of my puppies. I have the Mommy and I kept one of her smallest puppies from her first litter three and a half years ago because people wanted to buy her and breed her. I could have marked her papers so they couldn't have registered them AKC, but so many people are registering CKC now a days. She was the sweetest little thing, her name was Dink. We lost her last summer due to a vary rare disease that they still can't tell me what it actually was, it was something to do with her immune system going haywire and her body tried to destroy itself. I had her to a specialist 110 miles from here and ran up quite the Vet bill, in the end we had to put her to sleep because she was suffering so bad. Her body literally was eating itself. Now I just have the Mommy and the only puppy she had in her last litter. Mommy is done with having puppies and I'm thinking about breeding Lucy when she is old enough, she is only 1 1/2. I would post a picture and show them off but I don't have a scanner nor do I know how to post pictures, I don't even have a digital camera. We also have a Sheltie (he is my daughters and she is away at college) and he thinks he is a little lap dog too. Shelties are wonderful dogs as well, he is very gentle and grew up with little Lucy. He played with her from the time they were pups and has always been very gentle with her. Well I'm running out of space, and you know how we Yorkie owners can talk and talk about our little dogs. Funny how the topic of mattresses got us to this! Happy Sailing P.S. Wouldn't it be great if we could bring our dogs with us when we cruise? (Afterall they wouldn't take up much room)
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