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Default Re: Adware/Spyware Removal

You need to do a complete search of your computer for the spyware. Program files, Msconfig, add remove files etc.
Once the spyware is on your computer popup blockers and spyware detectors do not work until those files are removed. You need to remove these little buggers from your computer.

Ezula (spyware) is one and there are many others. Look for items as Web Offer, ezmmod, ezwmo, you might want to search the registry also. But be careful on the removal.
Always back up your computer when going into the registry.

Panicware and google have some good popup blockers and they are free.
The other item is to purchase popup blockers and spyware blockers.
You can also purchase a clean registry program. Make sure you have a good virus program, not just a trial version.

The other item is to install a spyware blocker as Spyware Blaster, also free.

I spent hours looking for this spyware and a lot of research, but finally got what I needed. Did not cure all the popups but believe me, 10 to 12 popups everytime I clicked on a link was getting to the point of throwing this computer to the trash.

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