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Default Re: Adware/Spyware Removal

I recently posted about problems with my computer with spyware, and viruse. I had things I did not even know I had on my computer that was causing problems.

My son is a Computer Network Engineer and here is how he fixed my computer.

First he formated my hard drive. ugh I hated him doing that!

Then he installed as a browser Mozilla Firefox. I was so used to internet explorer that this took some getting use to. But now I love it, when you go to a internet site, it automatically tells you there is spy ware on it, so I log off that site. I have absolutely no pop ups, its amazing what he has done with my computer.

I also have something called PEST PATROL it also warns you of bad stuff.

My computer is flying now! And as he says never never open any attachments no matter how good you think your virus protections is!

Mary Margaret
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