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Default It's Wednesday already??

Good morning from me, who hasn't been to sleep yet! Just one of those nights....
Just finished reading The Da Vinci Code - that'll make you think too much to sleep!!

Had an interesting day yesterday; on my way over to mom's I stopped at the bank and was leaving the parking lot, when I saw a woman slip on the icy sidewalk and fall flat on her back, striking her head. I jumped out of the car to see if she was OK, and although she was conscious, she could not move. I called 911, and got a blanket out of my trunk to keep her warm, and some other bystanders brought jackets, and a foil warming sheet from a pizza place. Many people, speaking both French and English, tried to help in some way. The poor woman was freezing and in shock, and I was trying to cover her face so the snow wouldn't fall on her. We waited an agonizing 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, and they finally stabilized her and whisked her off to hospital. I managed to get a phone number from her to call her friend and let her know what happened. The friend called me back tonight to let me know the woman was OK and already released from hospital. My guess is she has one heck of a headache and a pretty sore back, but fortunately, nothing was broken. It was nice to see so many people stop to help and comfort her in any way they could. And I am going to be VERY careful where I step from now on - it could've been me!


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