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Default Re: It's Wednesday already??

Good Morning All

We had a dusting of snow last night. Just enough to cover the places where sand had been sprinkled so we don't kill ourselves on the ice. I have never seen a winter where ice has been such an issue. Walking the dog has become very difficult, he and I are slip sliding with every step. When he tries to lift his leg, he slips, he's gone back to squatting, less stressful. We need some snow that will pack down and make walking easier, or a massive heat wave.

Donna, while driving down my hill on Monday, I too witnessed the same thing. One of my elderly neighbors took a nasty spill. I couldn't really stop the car, as it was glare ice, but I could slow down enough to make sure he got up. Daughter had cell phone ready to call if we had too. We couldn't have gotten to him. We couldn't stop and once we got to the bottom of the hill we would not have been able to walk back up. Thank God he got up and made his way to the house. Once I got to the office I called his home. He was gone, but his wife didn't even know he had fallen.

One of my oldest friends called last night. She is in town because her father passed away from liver cancer on Monday night, two hours before she made it back. Since she has a 4 month old I will be doing some babysitting during some of the calling hours and such. He has had several bouts of cancer over the last 15 years, it just kept spreading.

Son's girlfriend continues to have massive unsupport from her family. Yesterday the doctor diagnosed her with anxiety and acid reflux - she is having trouble eating, and at 5.7 is only about 110 pounds. She has changed so much in the last 5 months, from outgoing and bubbly, to very uncertain, nervous, and on the brink of tears most of the time. Her parents are making me really angry. It is hard to know how much to get involved, as they sort of resent all the time she is spending with our family, even though when she is home no one pays any attention to her. It has gotten to the point that her father won't even pay for food for her to eat for breakfast at home or to bring for her school lunches. She's still in high school, and can only work so much to keep her car in gas and food to eat. It is wrong - especially when he just bought two airplane tickets for him and his girlfriend to go to California for a week in February. He tells his daughter he has no money to help her pay for anything. She went to get her medication and it cost $130 so she can't pay for it.

Most go and drive son to school

VT Jen
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