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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: It's Wednesday already??

Good Morning,
I should have stayed up an extra half hour last night and posted with you early birds. I was comfortably watching the Orange Bowl game under my electric throw.By 11PM I was starting to doze. By 11:30, I think I missed several plays in the game. At 11:40, I gave up, as USC was up in the high 40's for a score and Oklahoma was in the bucket.

Trevor just went to work in my car-it was behind his. He was going to ride his scooter but thought better of it, especially in a suit. He bought some new slacks last night that I need to drop at the cleaners for shortening. They have cuffs on them which only a professional can alter. That's the unfortunate part of being short, "Sam, you made the pants too long"! (Goes for me, too, at 4'11 1/2").

Cruises never come soon enough in my estimation. I'm still waiting to see when our next one will be.

I've been watching all your winter weather up there.This week we're staying in the 70's down here in Avon Park,FL. However, it is getting a little boring for the weather guy. He should be happy for a break after the wicked weather we had late last year. (It's funny to say that-late LAST year.)

There's still not much going on so I"ll sign off for now. Take care, Everybody. I check into the thread everyday to keep touch, whether it is late or not, and hold all of you in my thoughts. Lynne

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