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Default Re: It's Wednesday already??

Good morning from another dreary day in Massachusetts. Waiting for the snow and freezing rain to come later tonight. Hopefully it will be after I get out of work at 11:00 pm. DH forgot to put all the trash out again since today is trash day. Now I need to finish the job. Happens every Wednesday, so I'm used to it by now.

Donna--A big hooray to you for helping that woman. Glad she's okay.

Angela--Keep smiling. My two kids leave next week to go back to Tampa.

Ed--Felt the same when I took my decorations down on Sunday. Keep counting down to your cruise. It will be here soon.

VTJen--Boy do you have alot on your plate. My deepest sympathy to your friend on the loss of her father. As for your son's girlfriend, just be there for her. Knowing someone is there for her to talk to, to cry to and to depend on will help her. Someone needs to slap her parents upside the head. I'll keep her and you in my thoughts.

Have a great and safe day. Be careful in the snowy, icy weather.

Cheryl C
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