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Default Re: It's Wednesday already??

A early good morning (for me) from another cold(few degrees below freezing) Vancouver. Work was crazy last night with one machine breaking down;the workload was huge! Luckily we did have an extra person in the evening!
FEddie-I know what you mean about the decorations! My husband will have to get our outside ones down sometime soon. We took our tree down Mon., but still have the other stuff around still to put away. Glad your wife got some psot-Xmas bargains!
RDonna-glad to hear the person was okay after their fall.
Lynne-I love scooters. I would love to get one, but not at all practical for me or the Vanc. weather!
VTJen- I hope the girlfriend of your son can get some help. Is there anyplace she can go to get her needed medication(I kind of assume it is for depression/anxiety) for free?? I know here in Canada, people who can not afford to pay at all can often find some Mental Health association/place for help. That girl's Dad sounds like an idiot(to use a nonvulgar term!lol). I am glad to hear she is not going hungry because of you. :-)
I have another busy day ahead of me-cruise stuff to do!!!
Bye for now. Take care. Stay warm! From:Brenda in Vancouver
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