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Default Top Optional Deck question

Hi, I'm writing an article on Top Freedom. The basic theme
is should women have the same rights as men when
it comes to being topless in public. Top Freedom is
legal in Canada, many Europian countries and hundreds of
beaches around the world. It is much rarer in the USA.

One aspect of the story concerns the first time a woman
decides to go topless in mixed company. Their motivations,
emotions, and advice for other women wanting to
experience top freedaom. Carnival is the only
major cruise line that reserves a deck on the boat that
is top optional. Therefore many women who have sunbathed
topless in mixed company first tried it on a Carnival boat.

Women, what was it like the first time topless in front
of strangers of both genders? Exhilarating. No big deal.
Scary. Put my top on after a few minutes. Felt great, warm
sunshine, soft sea breeze. Laid on my stomach the whole time.
Worst sunburn I've ever had. Sexy. Self-conscious. A few
drinks first to get up the nerve. Enjoyed the admiring glances.
Gawkers are pigs. Wierd, very wierd. Natural. They're all
strangers that I'll never see again so it's fine.
These are all thoughts that we came up with during a
brainstorming session. How did you feel? Any advice for
other women considering trying top freedom?

Men, I would like your thought too. How did you feel the
first time your wife or girlfriend went top free in front
of other men. No big deal. Uncomfortable. Did not
approve. 100% supportive. Asked her to put her top
back on. Aroused. Did not like it when other men looked at her.
Do you have any advice for the women or their mate?

Thank you all kindly for your feedback and don't
forget the sunscreen.
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