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Default Jackie Stallone on Uk Big Brother

We have Jackie Stallone on Big Brother over here right now, and she is so hilarious.

Very weird looking with all that plastic surgery - somebody here said she looks like a barbie doll that has been left on a radiator all night!!!!

She's claiming to be 71 (Sly I believe is 59) so come on lady!!! Also, Big Brother put her in as a surprise guest as Brigitte Neilsen is also in (ex daughter-in-law) so all very strained as you can imagine and all on 24 live camera.

Is she that popular in the U.S. She is lording it around as if she is royalty. She has been in the house for 4 days now, and not washed once and still in her pyjamas!!!!!

She won't do anything and expects the rest of the housemates to wait on her.

Any comments. Do have to admit that she is very entertaining though because she really seems to believe that she is beautfiul Also, by the way Caprice is also one of the housemates and that is what I would call a very attractive lady.

Would be interesed to hear your views.

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