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Default Re: Re: Jackie Stallone on Uk Big Brother

No that's great, please join in.

Isn't she married to a plastic surgeon??? That's what is being reported over here! She is scary - she reminds me of a white (or should I say whiter) version of Jacko but a 100 years older!!!

She is scary and she acts so wierd - you cannot really believe that it is for real! But then and please excuse me for this, being that she is from California (I believe) and in the movie merry-go-round set, I suppose anything goes.

I have read that she does nothing for herself at home and has loads of servants etc for her every whim.

Last night she was going berserk because BB had not given her her pre-dinner cocktail (martini) and they hand't produced her Chardonnay and Champagne. She was going into the diary room demanding it for god sake, saying she had to have it!!!

So funny but sad at the same time. Surely she must see that she looks like a freak, she makes Miss Piggy look tantalizing to say the least!

Over to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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