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Evelyn Richardon
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Default Re: Re: The Blizzard of 78

I was living in Pembroke MA, had only been in the USA for a couple of months, the weather expert (Dr Fred)told us "it will only be 4 inches"!!!!!! He never appeared on TV again
My Husband worked in Weymouth, took him 5 hours to drive about 17 miles. He turned into our street, and realised he could not see any houses at all, then saw a small glow (I had switched on every light in the house and the drive lights), he also saw a small figure hard at work in fierce wind shovelling snow as hard as it could at bottome of drive, and as he said later "I knew it had to be you"
My daughter who lives here in Pt Charlotte has just informed me that on the TV they are saying that this storm is "worse than the storm of 78"

My thoughts are with every one "up North"
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