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Default Re: The Blizzard of 78

Well, I have never lived in the east, but I sure remember the blizzard of '67 in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I grew up. We had 83" of snow! That's 1" less than 7 feet! So you can imagine the drifts on the sides of the roads where they piled the snow which they had plowed from the middle of the street!

Everyone was up on their roofs shoveling snow off to the ground so that the roofs wouldn't cave in. The Super X drug store DID cave in.

They had to fly out over the Navajo reservation and air drop supplies to those in remote areas. Even the trains were down for several days until they could get the tracks cleared.

The downside of such an exciting time for us kids was that the blizzard started on the last day of school before Christmas vacation and we didn't have even one snow day off of school! Bummer!

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