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Default Re: The Blizzard of 78

We lived in a mobile home at the time. Married a year and a half. Went to bed with it pouring down rain & I woke up to go to work in the early am with the blizzard. Woke dh up and said I don't think I have to go in. Called the boss and he said "Stay home!" The drifts were as high as the tops of the trailers.

DH was a police officer at the time. Someone picked him up at the end of the street on a snowmobile. The dog & I made it to mom & dad's after a day. My brother came and got us. Hubby and another officer stayed at our place, eating meals at my mom's. They spent their shifts delivering diapers, formula, milk etc to people that needed it.

There were a lot of babies born 9 months after the blizzard.
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