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Default Re: The Blizzard of 78

I was standing in the middle of McBee and Church Streets in Greenville SC watching and waiting for the cars to crash at the intersection or go sliding down the hill and was trying to stop them before they did. Huge flakes even that far south and I think we got 6-8 inches which for that area was huge. <G>
Bring to mind all thos days in my youth growin gup in Mass when it seemed common to have blizzards and 6" plus of snow and even a foot or two or better were not that uncommon as I remember. Of course I was a lot shorter then so it didn't take much to come up to my knees or waist either! <> I distinctly remember coming home from school on the bus and seeing the snow actually being plowed with the door that stuck out at an angle so that was pretty deep. Hope you folks up there in the winter wonderland remain safe.
Jim in sunny but still cold Florida

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