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Default Re: The Blizzard of 78

I was traveling by car across the U.S. in the middle of the storm. I was in college in Missouri and a friend of mine from high school was in Iowa. We were headed home to North Carolina for winter break and he had his girlfriend with him who he was taking to D.C. first.

The three of us were driving in the tracks of an 18-wheeler who we followed wherever he went. It was so bad the snow plows were unable to get out to plow the interstates. When the 18 wheeler pulled off to get gas we went also. We knew if we ever got away from the tractor-trailer truck we would be stuck on the side of the road with the thousands of other cars. We never exceeded 15 mph.

Under normal conditions the trip would take 12-14 hours, but this trip took 36 hours. We had to switch drivers while moving to take turns sleeping because we could not leave the tracks of the 18 wheeler.

Once we got to D.C. and dropped her off at her parent's house we headed south to N.C. and once we got past the border we were able to resume a normal speed.

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