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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: The Blizzard of 78

In the Blizzard of '77 and '78, my husband and I were had traveled east to Orchard Park, New York from Omaha Nebraska, where we were stationed with the Air Force.(Offutt).The entire midwest and east were sub-zero temps and driving cross country with an 8 year old and a 6 year old in a 2 passenger sports car was not fun. Anyway, what I remembered about the visit was how hard and constantly the snow kept falling. On one occasion, we were going to try to go to the movies. We shoveled the driveway which was pretty far in from the main highway (US 20) and by the time we went to leave an hour later, the driveway was impassable.About another foot of snow had fallen. The house where my parents lived in Orchard Park, was in the snow belt south of Buffalo.It was the lake effect snow that wouldn't stop. Of course, Buffalo also had the high snow in the city and the problems surrounding that. It was not too much after that blizzard season that a board came was introduced called "The Blizzard of '77". We actually bought one and played it!! Lynne

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