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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: It's a Good Tuesday Morning

New meds aren't fun. I've seen my hubby battle them- 3 different ones for different things but with one thing in common; all three lower your blood pressure.So, for a few days there he hardly had enough energy to do anything, and his B/P was lower than mine-and mine is usually pretty low.
After awhile he figured it out, so cut one in half. I think that one is gone completely now. We also have a new doctor!!!
Good luck. I see my residents at work after being put on different meds. The side effect for one lady was drowsiness for all of them. I don't know if any were changed, but now all she does is sleep-wherever she sits!

By the way, good morning!!!!!! It looks like a nice day here in Avon Park, FL. Current temp is 49.It will get up to 73 around here. A cool(cold?) front is moving slowly in our direction so the rain and cooler weather will find us by Thursday.The Super Bowl weather should be nice, though.

Bye for now! Lynne

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