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Default Re: Somehow we survived childhood.....

Perhaps we who visit this board survived, but much on that list should not be taken lightly or used for humor.
Luckily , if your mother drank while pregnant, you were not born with fetal alcohol syndrome, but unhappily, many children are.
Not being tesyted for diabetes while pregnant or eating or drinking, may have escaped us, but did not escape everyone. In many cases the parent or the child or both are not here to read this column because of it.
Perhaps you didn'y "mouth" the lead based paint on your crib, but children that did might have suffered enough that they may not even be able to read this column.
When my children were in highscholl a pickup truck full of kids turned over. Seven of them never died, the rest were seriously injured. Good idea? Something to make light of?
How many kids and adults lives have been saved with car seats and seat belts? By now hundreds of thousands. That we survived was pure luck.
I too was lucky enough to be brought up (after early childhood in the inner city) in a neighborhood where kids could safely roam without fear. If my grandchildren were sent outside unsupervised in today's world, I'd take custody away from my daughters.

Yes, I did all of those things and survived. With the grace of God I did. Belive me I get the point of the post , but at the same time I dispute it. Sure we have too many lawsuits and it would be better if kids could play like we did. Sure it might be better if we did not have to have big government telling us what is safe and what is not. But if that government watchdog pulls an unsafe toy off the market , gets kids out of the back of pickup trucks (that one hits home big time) straps a kid in a car seat, keeps a kid from dying or growing up with a preventable disease or from death or injury in a preventable accident is that bad? We survived, but others didn't.
The last 50 years have also come up with innovations to make us safer, live longer
and live healthier. All because we learned that some of our childhood actions (and those of our parents) were stupid, uneccessarily risky and somewhat irresponsible.

I now step down off my high horse. My homemade go cart is parked otside and there is a nice steep hill for me to ride down on the way to visiting my friends (you know, the kids that were cut from the little league team).
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