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Default motion sickness arm bands ?

Any of you world travelers use these things ? If so, where did u get them from ? Did they work ? Were they affordable ? Were they better than the patch or other methods ?

I used the patch last spring & I literally was almost blind for 2 weeks... 1 week onboard & the week after recouping.... I dont think I want to go thru that again IF we cruise again.

We've been getting some good offers on last minute from Galveston... but of course Im having surgery on the 22nd... so Im wandering if the 2nd week in March is too soon ??

Im not gonna do the excursions, so it would be just as easy to rest at sea, right ? Im just afraid of complications.... so, I think Ive got myself scared out of making the plans...

But, there is always some other time... let me know on the bands please.... thanks y'all !

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