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Default Re: Re: Help...neighbors wind chimes driving me crazy!!

One street behind us a family bought a house not too long ago. They have very big bon fires at night in the back yard. Now this is Florida, dry season and very very dangerous. Some neighbors called the fire truck and we did so last saturday. The neighbor came over afterwards and asked us if we did call and we said yes. We tried to explain to him it just takes 1 spark and the entire street will be on fire. There are no fire hydrants on any of our streets. The guy is very nice, invited us over to look at it <which we did> He has a family, kids and said he would never put anyone in danger. However, this is illegal here in FL and one needs a special permit for a just one time use of such thing. We told him the entire neighbor hood is against it. It does not help to see they drink <we saw beer and whiskey bottles> Needless to say we are very worried. The fire department told us next time they are called woudl eb the 3rd time and they woudl start charging the family the trip there plus bring the police.
I am curious how this will play out.

as to the wind chimes talk to them and see what they will do.

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