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Default Re: Help...neighbors wind chimes driving me crazy!!

I absolutely HATE wind chimes !! Everyone around me knows that as I am quite OPINIONATED as Ive been told ! When we lived in another town & would come here to visit periodically - my MIL had chimes on the back porch next to DH old bedroom where we use to sleep.... I couldnt take it anymore & told DH that I would NOT make the trip anymore unless he did something about it !! DH told MIL that it bothered "US" and she took them down... she now has them back up as we live 3 miles away & no longer need to sleep there....

What I hate also, is my son knows i hate them & when we go into various stores that sell them... he deliberately runs his hand thru them.... he says NOT to aggravate me but because he LOVES the sound.... different strokes for different folks I guess...

Im all for PEACE & QUIET !!!! When Im home alone, sometimes I never even turn the tv on... just sit & do things quietly....

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