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Default Re: What do you do on St. Patricks day?

Will make and eat the traditional corned beef and cabbage which is called boiled dinner here in New England. I will wear green. If I get really into it I might make scones or Irish Soda bread. My sister and her husband are going to meet up with their son and fiance in Boston for the Parade. They are very excited.

I decided this year since I'm a little strapped for cash I will be looking for the rainbow, hunting down a leprechaun and wrestling him for his pot o' gold. I'm not sure if I need a special hunting license for leprechaun, but I will be doing a catch and release type hunting. I'll have to look into it before next week.

Perhaps I'll put on my Chieftans music. RollerDonna, when I was a kid we watched the Irish Rover's TV show every Sunday night on one of the Canadian Channels (we only got 3 channels with our antenna - CBS, ABC and CBC and on French station).
I loved them and especially the Unicorn Song. I loved the sweaters they wore.

Top O the Mornin' to All

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