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Default Re: questions about donations/logistics

We are taking clothing donations to the Chrysalis Group while we are in Cozumel. We were told that if you have it packed in duffels or backpacks it should be no problem going off the ship with the items. Some people had a problem when they took supplies to the schools in Costa Maya because they had the items sealed in boxes and used a cart to get the boxes off the ship. I am hoping there will be no problem !

The Chrysalis Group in Cozumel raises money for the purpose of helping the children of Cozumel go to school. Children in Cozumel must pay tuition to attend public school. The group helps pay the tuition, supply them with uniforms and school supplies. They use the clothing donations to raise money for this cause while giving the locals the chance to buy affordable clothing. ( kind of like Goodwill & Salvation Army here in the states).


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