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Default Re: Re: Re: questions about donations/logistics

Familias Saludables has no website or anything like that - but the contact is Valerie Nelson, and she has an email address.

I posted a lot of this on the destinations board, let me go find it & just cut & paste all I know - and incidentally, I've also put info about Antigua & Jamaica waiting to hear back from some charities in St. Lucia and a few other islands. I'm sure if you want the info, there are others here who know too, but as I find stuff, I'll post on the destinations board - if you go to "message boards", click on "destinations" and then on "Caribbean", just do a search under "donations", I bet all the posts will come up with the pertinent info.
So glad to see others are doing this, or are interested in starting - it just feels good to try and help out a little at the places you visit, you know?
So thanks for asking!
OK, let me cut & paste now....

I saw mention in the archives either here or at another cruise forum about people who donated things to an orphanage in Roatan during their port day there, and also to Familias Saludables (a charity trying to prevent AIDS transmission from mothers to their babies), so I emailed the directors of both programs, hoping to get a current "needs" list . If anyone else is interested, here are the emails I just got back.

From Famillias Saludables :
Yes we need donations! We run a mother to child AIDS transmission reduction program here and we DESPERATELY need the following:
powdered baby fromula..any brand, expired okay
baby Tylenol
baby bottles
cloth diapers and disposable diapers
small baby toys..rattles , teethers etc.
baby or childrens shoes
Baby or childrens clothes up to sixe 6X ..does not have to be new but must not be stained or ripped ( we all ready have lots of old stained ripped clothes!)
Baby blankets

anything you can donate would be appreciated. We can meet your ship if you give us a date and tiemeor you can drop it off in our offices between 2 and 5 ,three blocks down from the cruise dock ,behind the Fiscalia.
Valerie Nelson
Familias Saludables

And the email from CSI (the orphanage - it's a Christian run group):

Thank you for your email and your interest in helping the children here on the island. If you haven't already, please take the time to view our website at for an in-depth look at our ministry and our educational child sponsorship program.

Our organization has worked with many donors such as yourself, and if you would like us to accompany you and your group the day you arrive, we would love to assist you. We have always, and will continue, to do supply distributions personally to the children, as unfortunately too often the donated items never make it to their intended mark.
We could meet you at the pier, pick you up, take you to the ministry site to see the orphanage if you so desire. As far as needs, please see the list below. Baseball equipment would be great for the kids as we begin to prepare for the first "Little League" teams on the island.
Any teacher resources for teaching younger children such as "Phonics" are needed as well. Here is an additional list I just received from my staff regarding other needs.

Children's Home supplies
Booster seat
Soup pots
13x9 cake pan, 9"cake pans
Stackable PVC shelving
Hair conditioner
Hand sanitizer
One-piece swim suits for girls, sizes 14, and ladies Small for teen
For girls, underwear, ladies size 5
Cork Squares for bulletin boards
School Supplies for sponsorship kids and community schools
Spiral notebooks
Black pens
Black dry erase markers
Clear contact paper
Copy paper
Blue Slate paint (paint to make your own chalk board)
Story books (English and Spanish)
Plastic shoe boxes w/lids
White socks for boys and girls shoe sizes 12 - adult size 10
White t-shirts all children sizes and up to adult large
Community Outreach Needs
Clothes in good condition, mostly shorts and t-shirts for the children
Disposable diapers
New children's underwear
Children's Bibles (English and Spanish)
Teen Bibles
Liquid vitamins for infants

Again, take a look at our website at and send me an email
with your thoughts or any questions.

Thank you again for having the heart to help these kids. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you and let me hear from you soon.

Serving by Grace alone,

Brad Warren
Child Sponsorship International
Tel- 011-504-445-1915
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