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Default Re: Re: Re: questions about donations/logistics

Hi Triptakers , I received a reply back from Alicia of the Chrysalis group.
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Thank you for your e-mail. It is people like you that help us so much to keep everything going for the kids. I must tell you that we sell the clothes very, very, cheap. If a family can't afford the clothes, we sell them to them for maybe one peso. We have found that people that pay something for their clothes feel pride in that. I have seen many clothes discarded or resold that have been given to people. For that reason we usually don't give the clothes away, but find a way for the really poor to get the clathes. Hopr this makes sense. There are taxi's available for you from any of the cruise ship ports. You shouldn't have any problem with the clothes. We have had many people get off ships with clothes for Island people.

I hope I have answered your questions. You are truly a great person to think of us and the kids. We were able to help 280 kids that past year. I think with everybodies help we will be able to take on more kids this year.



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We are also having our kids go through their toys and donating them along with the clothes. I askes about this in a previous e-mail and they will take those too. Then our kids will get the true idea of giving to those who are less fortunate.


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