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Default Thanks, docliz!

Thanks so much for sharing that email - yes, it does make total sense to sell clothes, even if just for a tiny bit of money. Do you go to the actual "store" or whatever when you drop the donations? (is it just like the salvation army/goodwill)?

Very good idea with the toys! We do that with local charities right now - my older one is 4, and already suggests some things to give to "kids who don't have any". It really is great to see her thinking of that sort of thing herself!
But of course, she IS only 4 - as she was helping me get the clothing & formula donations together for this cruise, she suggested we get some computer games for the kids in Honduras. I had to smile - wouldn't it be great if they had enough clothes & food, and computer games were actually a reasonable donation? Hopefully, someday they will be.

I'll keep your international toy-donating idea in mind for when my kids are older & the size of their toys is more manageable. Right now, I admit I've found my limit - clothing & formula, diapers, ok. They'll fit in multiple bags. But no WAY am I toting both kids & those giant Little Tykes toddler toys onto a plane & then a ship! .

From your email address - are you in WI?

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