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Hi Triptakers,
Yes, we are in northeastern WI. We are ready to get away from the snow and ice. Actually the weather this past week has been mild. Thawing temps and rain have taken down the piles of snow. We do have a winter storm advisory out for today and/or tomorrow . Could come as rain / sleet / snow. Ready for warmer climates, even if only for a week!

We will be dropping the clothes and toys off in town at one of the drop off sites. We plan on the Cozumel Mini Golf site. Sally is one of the owners of the mini golf. I plan to get more information from her while we are there. To find out more about the place where they sell the items.

I will post back after we return to let you know how everything went.

There are a couple of schools in Majahual - the fishing village near the Costa Maya port that a lot of cruisers have been bringing school supplies to. Some have brought candy and toys also, leaving them with the teachers who in turn pass them out to the students. When there you can visit the schools and see the children. They look forward to visits. I will try to get the info as to when they are in class ( time of day and how their school year runs)


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