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Default Got a wedding planning disaster story..

Well here is the latest thing my daughters future mother in law did.
Kelly, My daughter is getting married April 23, all things are set and planned.
Things are going good except for the grooms mom interfearing with things.
Sunday she deceided that she did not like the church (we picked the grooms church) and wanted us to change it to another church!
And mind you the wedding is next month! Invitations are all out and responded to. It was a horrible day Sunday with her pushing her plan to move to anoather church. After a hour of her badgering the groom and bride....I completedly lost it and screamed at her and she stormed out!

Ugh what a way to plan a wedding! I just can not believe she had the gall to think we would change it for her due to some stupid reason she is mad at her church!

My poor daughter is getting a gem of a mother in law!
hahah but this woman met her match with me (irish, italian, catholic) she did not get her way. The church plans stay!

Mary Margaret
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