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Default Re: Got a wedding planning disaster story..

Ahhh. . .there's nothing like weddings for high comedy. Whenever I need a really good laugh I just think of some of the weddings I've been to. I especially love the ones where the officiating clergyman (usually an elderly Catholic priest) either gets the names of the happy couple wrong, or completely forgets their names. I've been to a couple of those. Then there was the time I stood up for a guy and the bride's mother made us go in and hijack the flowers after the ceremony because she found out that there was another wedding right after my friend's, and that the mother of THAT bride didn't buy flowers under the assumption that ours would simply stay there. Imagine the surprise of all the people entering the church when they saw three guys in morning suits go up and swoop all flowers off the altar and abscond with them to waiting limousines.

Oh, I could go on. I've got a million of them. At one of my favorite Jewish weddings, the groom was the temple's cantor, so in effect, his buddies were marrying him off. That was pretty special. Lines like "Now many people wonder why in a Jewish wedding the groom stomps on a goblet. There are many stories in legend and in lore about why this is done. But the truth is simply that it's the last chance a Jewish man gets to put his foot down." The whole ceremony was like that. It was pure standup comedy. Our sides were hurting with laughter by the time it was over. At least that one was INTENTIONALLY funny.

There's a wedding coming up in our family too. Our son is being married in June. He and his intended live in Brooklyn but will be married in California's high desert, in Joshua Tree National Park, one of the prettiest places on earth. Immediate family only (which means 9 people including the bride and groom), four days at a B&B just outside the park in the desert, good food and lots of laughs. Our son fell in love with Joshua Tree when we visited on a family vacation when he was a little kid. Every time he goes to the west coast he makes a return visit (and so do we). He visited there with his intended last fall and she fell in love with it too.

They're doing the planning; they're grownups and completely capable. Both sets of parents have butted out completely. We and the sibs are just along for the ride. Much nicer. That's the way we did it 35 years ago too.

We'll throw a party for them back on the east coast at our house sometime in July. All we'll have to do is hire the caterer and invite the friends.

No churning stomach acid.
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