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Default Re: Got a wedding planning disaster story..

To responde to dedluvscruising:
I handled the situation very first....but you had to be there .....there was no way this woman was going to change her mind about us moving the church....I pointed out very nicely why it could not be changed for about a hours with her. She had my daughter in tears! Do you think I was gona stand for that!!!!
First off someone had hand painted her wedding invitation with the address of the church, so would that be a nice reminder hanging on the wall nice and framed with the wrong name address of the church if it was changed. And all the limo, photo, flower plans were already set for that church and address!!!!
Second and formost it is NOT Her IS my daughter and her son's wedding!!!
For some reason she thinKs this wedding is all about her....I could go on and on to tell you the things she has done to make this happy occassion a pain in the a**.!
And trust me as far as you saying its A bad way to start off a relationship...i have no intention after the wedding to have a relationship with her.
She is a nasty miserable woman...and it would take far too long to explain it all here!

And the irony of the thing is...a hour after the incident we all ran into each other at the same restaurant...Hugs were passed around and she said she was sorry.

But trust me this lady is not done with her nastiness yet!
Do you all think I handled it badly ?????

Mary Margaret
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