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Default Re: Got a wedding planning disaster story..

I think weddings and a family death always bring out the worst in even close families and their relationships........why? Because it is a time of great stress. I had to laugh at some of these stories. We all have them. I married into a Catholic family and being Southern Baptist, my mother was "fairly" upset. She made rude little comments about praying to Mary, crosses next to the doors, etc. We just ignored her and my wonderful FIL would take every opportunity to "educate" my mother on a nice way though. My in laws had a wonderful engagement party for us. I was scared half to death about how my parents would react to the bar my FIL was setting up. So scared that I had an upset stomach all day. Messed up the plumbing in the house.....two hours before party plumber had to come..........I didn't know all this at the time. Parents arrive and 30 minutes later FIL comes up and says that my dad had asked for a bourbon & water...............not the typical drink of a Southern Baptist I tell you. What a hoot!!! I relaxed after that.

Mother tried to mess up my Sip N' See by putting ALL my gifts out and putting a paper next to them telling who had given us what. For those not from the south, you have a sip n see a week or so before the wedding to display your gifts for anyone who wants to drop by. Serve Mimosas, sweet tea, punch, cookies, etc. Let's people see your formal, casual china, linens, bedding, crystal,etc. My hubby told my mother that if she did that it would make people who hadn't been able to give much feel bad and if she did that we'd leave. She complied, we didn't leave and hubby had my mother's respect until the day she died. She felt he was standing up for me and she "eventually" appreciated that.

Well we're Methodist now and been married 25 years. My parents are gone now and I was informed about the plumber incident about 4 years ago!
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