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Default Re: Re: Got a wedding planning disaster story..

In response to Kuki, I have experienced three of these as the father of the bride in recent years. Truly for some strange reason the grooms mothers seem to feel a need to manipulate . Cooperate and enjoy would be the two operative words from my perspective, but manipulate they do.
We faced attempts to "dictate" the religious nature of the ceremony, the church, the officiant, the location of the reception , the menu, the guest list the flowers, the photographer etc. Understand I am saying dictate, not discuss, cooperate, compimise
and most importantly as father of the bride, not to offer to pay. At every turn the 'wants" of the mother in law were paramount. Never considering what the bride and groom wanted, and never considering what I was willing and able to pay for.
We bent over backwards to accomadate requests both reasonable and unreasonable
for the sake of our daughters and future sons in law.
In one case, my daughter's mother in law to be insisted on the marriage being officiated by a Greek Orthodox priest. We conceded , but, then neither we or she couls actually arrange for one to participate. Same lady sent her nephew over to our table at the end of the wedding and had him take the flowers off our table to give to his mother.
I later found out that he took flowers off of two more tables on "our side" of the reception
for his other two Aunts at the instruction of "the mother in law".
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