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Default Re: Got a wedding planning disaster story..

Papabill, as the mother of two daughters, I'm sure my hubby will be facing, one day, what you have faced. Our girls are only 1-1/2 years apart. I've already heard that the grooms mother will do this simply because she has no part of the planning except rehearsal dinner so, if allowed, will exercise her ability to control in any way possible. SIL has three kids, two boys, one girl. One boy got married last year, only daughter getting married this year. She said the planning was like being on two different worlds. Said nothing during boy wedding, saying EVERYTHING during girl wedding..........Niece getting married next Saturday.

I've take some notes, learned a few things and frankly I'm scared half to death at the prospect of one of my girls coming home with an engagement ring! Not because of them getting married, but because of the wedding!!!!!!
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